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June 18, 2008

Portable Gas Detection for Silos
Class 1–, Div. 1–, and Div. 2–approved for use in explosive-dust areas, the X5 and XD gas detectors are ideal for silos and other confined spaces. They are also used in industrial processing areas where toxic or combustible gas concentrations or leaks can harm people, property, and the environment. The X5 simultaneously monitors up to five gases, including volatile organic compounds. The XD single-gas detector monitors a wide range of toxic gases at parts-per-million levels and percent oxygen concentrations. The MicroDock II calibration/bump test/data-logging docking system is compatible with the X5 and XD portable detectors, accepts up to 10 models, and can be daisy chained for additional MicroDock IIs.
Honeywell Analytics, Lincolnshire, IL 800-538-0363 www.honeywellanalytics.com

Explosion-Proof Vacuums
This new line of explosion-proof vacuums is composed of two electric models, the CFM 118 EXP and 118 EXPW, and two intrinsically safe pneumatic models, the A15 EXP and A15 EXPW. The CFM 118 EXP series is available in two electric models. The 118EXP is for picking up dry materials, while the 118 EXPW is equipped for picking up liquids and other wet, hazardous materials. They are composed entirely of 304 stainless steel and are come with conductive accessories to eliminate percussion arcing and static charge. In addition, the 118 EXP series has undergone extensive testing and is CSA approved for use in Class I, Group D, and Class II, Groups E, F, and G environments. For use in environments where electricity is undesirable or unavailable, the pneumatic A15EXP series also consists of two separate models for dry or wet pickup.
Nilfisk CFM, Malvern, PA 800-645-3475 www.stop-the-dust.com

Slide Gates
Isolate source material from bins, hoppers, and silos for periodic maintenance or for emergency shutoff with manual maintenance slide gates. They deliver a convenient, positive material shutoff for downstream equipment servicing or repair, such as rotary valve replacement, without requiring that the source vessel be emptied. The dust-tight gates are used to facilitate maintenance operations in dry bulk handling, gravity, and pneumatic conveying systems. They operate manually with a narrow profile—ideal for areas with restricted headroom and access—and come available with round or square flanges and custom options. They feature a knife-gate action and unobstructed orifice action to minimize material shearing, and they ensure that material cut-off is clean. The blade mechanically self-cleans with each opening stroke for long-lasting, efficient service. Because the gates feature a handwheel for manual operation, there are no costly actuators or motors to maintain or replace. The gates also feature hard seals to provide optimal wear resistance and a longer service life.
Cyclonaire Corp., York, NE 888-593-6241 www.cyclonaire.com

Dust Collectors and Replacement Filters
The triple-sealed BIBO system is a reliable way to ensure dust containment during filter replacement operations in chemical, pharmaceutical, and other applications with potent compounds. Ultra-Web replacement filters are proven technology available in a variety of efficiencies to handle virtually any powder, and they are offered in configurations to fit all popular dust collectors.
Donaldson Torit—Donaldson Company, Inc., Minneapolis, MN 800-365-1331 www.ultrawebisalwaysbetter.com

Laboratory-Scale Horizontal-Peeler Centrifuge
This laboratory-scale, CGMP-compliant, horizontal-peeler centrifuge is used for processing small quantities of material while maintaining the advantages of automatic discharge and contained processing. Accurate scale up to pilot-scale and production-scale horizontal-peeler centrifuges is possible. This lab-scale centrifuge is ideal for evaluating filtration and cake-discharge characteristics. Solids can be discharged into an alpha/beta canister for contained product transfer and solids handling. Complete product recovery is possible without the need to manually remove the solids. A fully opening casing allows for total inspection and validation between product batches. The unit can be manufactured from 316-L or 904-L stainless steel, Hastelloy, alloy 2205, or other materials.
Robatel Inc., Pittsfield, MA 413-499-4818 www.rousselet-robatel.com

Tube Diverters
With similar construction to the company’s M-TDV multiport diverter, two- and three-way TDV tube diverters seamlessly connect with the M-TDV range, which is available with 4 to 24 ports on smaller pipe sizes. Unlike the M-TDV, which is equipped with an electric drive, the new diverters are activated using a pneumatic actuator. An additional line cylinder on the three-way TDV tube diverter results in accurate positioning. The seal is made from EPDM and is easy to fit and clean. Because it is inflatable, it guarantees tight convey-line sealing up to 43.5 psig. All tube diverters are sanitary and have AISI Type 316 stainless-steel product contact parts.
DMN Inc., Memphis, TN 901-360-1537 www.dmn-inc.com

Flash Dryer
The Drymeister Model DMR-1 is available in pilot to large-scale production models with evaporation rates as high as 6000 kg/h. Its design and high-speed dispersion rotor in combination with a classifying rotor yield high drying efficiency. The dryer can handle materials with a range of feed viscosities, from slurries to pastes to filter cakes. It maintains excellent solids dispersion, providing efficient drying and high inlet gas temperatures up to 600°C. It also ensures minimal product buildup on internals and minimal product reagglomeration. The unit dries products as fine as 250 nm and has high evaporation rates.
Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems, Summit, NJ 908-273-6360 www.hmicronpowder.com