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December 5, 2006

Rupture Disk

The PROLP rupture disk operates in low-pressure vessels where equipment operating costs are a key consideration. It has a fully opening, perimeter-scored design that utilizes a unique computerized load-cell technology. Because of advances in scoring accuracy and precision, this highly specialized disk is well suited for most gas, vapor, or liquid low-pressure applications. A high operating ratio of 95% protects the safety of plant personnel by relieving pressure before it reaches potentially dangerous levels. It reduces damage to equipment and minimizes process downtime. When used for relief-valve isolation, the disk provides environmental protection by preventing fugitive emissions into the atmosphere.
Oseco, Broken Arrow, OK 918-258-5626 www.oseco.com

Continuous-Duty Vacuum Cleaner

The MDL850 continuous-duty vacuum cleaner offers a unique approach to containing the powder collected. Using a continuous bagging system eliminates drum handling and gives the operator better control over dust and disposal issues. Along with the bagging system, it is equipped with a filter cleaning system that does not require compressed air. In addition, the filters can be cleaned without shutting the vacuum cleaner down, resulting in high-productivity cleaning. While the filters are being cleaned, the discharge valve opens and automatically discharges the collected product into the continuous bagging system.
Vac-U-Max, Belleville, NJ 800-822-8629 www.vac-u-max.com

Sealed Gravity Diverter Valves

This line of sealed gravity diverter valves for gravity-flow application of dry materials features sizes from 4 in. up to 16 in. in a variety of configurations, including H & Y styles in 45° and 30° legs. They are available in stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon steel construction. Active compression seals on the shaft prevent leakage past the shaft, and a tough polymer blade seal prevents cross-contamination. The blade tip is recessed into the body to direct material away from the leading edge, preventing cross-contamination and wear. A double-acting internal magnetic cushioned air cylinder and a choice of solenoids allow custom configurations.
Lorenz & Son, Cobourg, ON, Canada 905-372-2240 www.lorenz.ca
In-Line Dilute-Phase Vacuum Conveying Systems

Company can supply in-line dilute-phase vacuum systems for conveying through conical screen mills. Vacuum conveying is used to transfer material through a conical screen mill to eliminate dust and exposure to hazardous chemicals, to help improve the throughput of the process, and to improve end-product quality. This automated in-line method of moving material through cone mills replaces the older process of manually loading the mill, which results in dust and exposure problems. The system can also be easily adapted to use nitrogen as the conveying gas, thus eliminating the potential risk
of explosion.
K-Tron, Pitman, NJ 856-589-0500 www.ktron.com

Flexible Screw Conveyor

The Series 600 (6-in. diameter) Helix flexible screw conveyor has been added to the company’s versatile Hi/Lo tilting base conveyor lineup. This conveyor has the added option of a ribbon-style agitator to assure proper material size reduction for consistent conveying. As with other Hi/Lo units, the Series 600 can be moved from location to location quickly and is easily serviced and cleaned in its lowered position. Finishes can be standard industrial, food grade, or 3A Dairy. A USDA equipment acceptance certificate can be provided.
Hapman, Kalamazoo, MI 800-427-6260 www.hapman.com