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Dust Suppression for Low-Turbulence Applications and Fine Particle Control

June 6, 2012
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This new low-turbulence design is used for applications in which a fan-driven mist would be undesirable. Developed in response to customer input, the DustBoss DB-M is well suited to operating conditions involving very fine dust particles, including slag dust or fly ash. The unit generates an umbrella-shaped cloud of atomized droplets averaging 50-200 microns in size, projecting the mist about 30 ft under calm conditions. The powerful misting head is supplied standard with nine atomizing nozzles and mounted on a 15-ft boom, but the design was engineered for its ability to be customized for specific dust types, particle behaviors or operating environments. The new design features selectable flow settings and the company’s proprietary Variable Particle Sizing (VPS) technology to improve capture efficiency. Nozzles can be added, removed, or re-sized as the application dictates.
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