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Dust Collection Spotlight

November 21, 2011

Plastic & Canvas Dust Collector Bags
Heavy-duty bottom collection bags are available for dust collectors in either plastic or canvas. The 6-mil-thick polybags, available in rolls of 50, are stocked in two standard sizes (21 x 50 in. and 24½ x 72 in.) to fit most units. These disposable bags are strong enough to stand up under constant use and contain wood waste from chips to fine wood dust. The clear bag allows you to see when it needs to be emptied or replaced. Collector bags sewn of rugged cotton duck are also offered. The canvas bags are reusable, making them more economical, and custom sizing guarantees a perfect fit. American Fabric Filter Co., Wesley Chapel, FL 800-367-3591 www.americanfabricfilter.com

Dust Cobra
The Dust Cobra is ideal for plant maintenance or collecting stray dust from material conveying processes. It is a hybrid between a cyclonic dust collector and a high-performance shop vacuum. It has three times the airflow (CFM) of most shop vacuums and a HEPA cartridge filter for 99.97% @ 0.3 micron filtration. The high-efficiency cyclone separates 99% of fine micron dust, reducing filter maintenance and preventing clogs. The Dust Cobra is small and portable; it weighs 52 lb and is less than 62 in. long. It comes with 12.5 ft of 2.5-in. flex hose. Additional lengths can be added and the flex hose diameter can be reduced without loss of suction. The Dust Cobra can be wall mounted in a central location or cart mounted for complete mobility. It is available in powder coated carbon steel or in stainless steel for food or chemical applications. Oneida Air Systems Inc., Syracuse, NY 800-732-4065 www.oneida-air.com

Compact Dust Collector
This cyclone dust collector solves the problem of limited floor space or limited overhead clearance. Unlike conventional cyclones, the GPC dust collector uses an innovative ground-plate design that increases efficiency in a more compact unit. As a result, it costs less than comparable units and is just as efficient as dust collectors 1½ to 2 times its size. The design of the GPC dust collector provides a high-efficiency, compact unit that is available in horizontal or vertical configurations. It is designed to reduce particulate emissions at processing plants, reclaim useful material from air/gas waste streams, or as a pre-filter in front of baghouse filters. It handles a wide variety of dry materials including sawdust, sand, plastics, cereal/grain, and many others. Aerodyne, Chagrin Falls, OH 800-358-7546 www.dustcollectorhq.com

Compact Bin Vents
Flow Compact bin vents are capable of handling up to 1800 CFM. Typical applications include separating clean air from the dust-laden air of a conveying system. The compact design allows for installation in tight areas, and the air pulse-cleaning system combined with a minimum of three filter cartridges increases the cartridge effectiveness and lifespan. Features of the newly designed “square” units include: compact design; spun bond cartridges; easy cartridge removal system. The vents are 100% efficient to 1.0 micron. JDB Dense Flow Inc., Palm Harbor, FL 800-822-3569 www.jdbdenseflow.com

Conductive Dust Collector Filter
This HemiPleat dust collector filter combines high filtration efficiency, long service life, and energy-efficient performance with conductive properties. The manufacturer uses a special carbon-impregnated media designed for use where conveyed dusts generate static charges that require dissipation. Applications include fumed silica dust; plastic, PVC, or composite dusts; and carbon black/toner dusts. Cartridge filters manufactured with carbon-impregnated media can also be used in explosive dust applications, making it possible to conform to NFPA and ATEX requirements and lessen the risk of ignition sources due to static electricity charges. Camfil Farr APC, Jonesboro, AR 800-479-6801 www.farrapc.com

As part of Ruwac’s High Efficiency Cyclone (HEC) pre-separator series, the HEC-DB features a universal direct bagging system that allows for a safe, dust-free cleanup. By emitting zero dust during the collection process, this protects users from coming into contact with its contents and safeguards them from harmful materials. Unlike other bagging systems, the HEC-DB is universally compatible, eliminating the need to purchase expensive, specialized bags. It also includes an external gravity drop system that holds the separator’s contents as you empty and change bags, allowing you to discharge the contents at the pull of a lever. Combined with the HEC’s specially engineered ability to separate dust and debris, this increases your vacuum’s collection capacity and filter life, reducing costs and maintenance time. Ruwac, Holyoke, MA 413-532-4030 www.ruwac.com

Downdraft Dust Collector
The Modu-Kleen downdraft dust collector contains fugitive dust. The air enters at the top of the dust collector housing and flows downward to the cartridge filters, improving the filtering process and the material-to-air ratio. Air velocities are lower than those with a conventional dust collector, reducing the load on each filter cartridge and extending filter life. Cartridge filters are positioned horizontally, requiring less floor space and making filter removal easier. A large, quick-opening door allows maintenance personnel to closely inspect each cartridge when required, without entering the filter housing. In addition, any single cartridge can be removed without disturbing adjacent cartridges. Also, each cartridge filter has a unique built-in quarter turn bayonet mount, so no tools of any kind are required for cartridge removal. Dynamic Air Inc., St. Paul, MN 651-484-2900 www.dynamicair.com

Dust Collector Pulse Timer
IntelliPULSE pulse jet timer for baghouses and dust collectors reduces energy costs and offers direct connection to PLCs with user specified Fieldbus communications such as Devicenet, Ethernet, Modbus, and Profibus. The intelligent pulse cleaning control technology minimizes compressed air use during filter cleaning reducing energy consumption. No tuning is required. Compressed air energy savings up to 90% over continuous pulse cleaning methods and up to 40% over pulse on demand methods are reported. Compact DIN rail packaging makes for easy mounting and field service. FilterSense, 978-927-4304 Beverly, MA www.filtersense.com

Modular Cartridge Bin Vent
The modular cartridge bin vent provides excellent air filtration of fine airborne particles from within a storage tank and releases clean air to the atmosphere. While material is pneumatically conveyed into a storage tank, fine particles and air are efficiently separated by the unit’s large cartridge filter. This enables clean air to pass from the tank out to the atmosphere. Reverse-jet cleaning from a compressed air accumulator pulses the cartridge filter, dislodging any fines and returning them to the storage tank. Standard materials of construction include carbon steel enamel coating or stainless steel material contact areas. Mounting on a standard 20-in.-diam tank deck, the small modular unit is easy to install. K-Tron Process Group/K-Tron Premier, Salina, KS 785-825-1611 www.ktron.com

Compact Dust Collectors
Designed to filter chemical, pharmaceutical, or other nuisance dusts, Vibraclean compact dust collectors are ideal for medium-duty intermittent operations. Typically installed outdoors, they are ideal for cold climates, since they utilize an eccentric-driven motorized shaker to rejuvenate the filters, instead of compressed air, which is difficult to maintain when outdoor temperatures are below freezing. Dirty air enters the baffled inlet, which is located in the hopper section. The top mounted, high-efficiency, direct-drive, backward inclined fan provides plenty of suction. The sound attenuator reduces the sound level to 72 dB at 5 ft for the 5-HP, 2000-CFM model, the DKPD24405. All Vibraclean models come complete with a factory-wired motor controller and a 55-gal dust storage drum. Sternvent, Union, NJ 800-383-3878 www.sternvent.com

Dust Suppression Nozzles
A new nozzle design for atomized misting equipment is engineered specifically for applications requiring smaller droplet sizes or reduced water volumes to minimize surface wetting. The new Midget nozzles are well suited to indoor applications such as interior demolition, mining, transfer stations, and recycling, in which the water volumes from standard nozzle configurations could be undesirable. Benefits include improved worker safety and comfort, reduced moisture in end products, and enhanced odor control. Dust Control Technology, Peoria, IL 800-707-2204 www.dustboss.com

Dust Suppression Hopper
The DSH system concentrates the discharge of dry goods as a solid column into any target repository including trucks, rail cars, storage containers, or stockpiles. Easy to install and easy to operate, the DSH system will reduce hazards, health risks, dust, and wastage. It is robust and easy to maintain. Sioux Steel, Beresford, SD 800-557-4689 www.siouxsteel.com

Shaker Dust Collector
This upgraded model SDC shaker dust collector provides a flexible and simple solution to dust problems within a wide range of applications. The SDC is ideal for intermittent or light-duty processes such as bin ventilation, plastic machining, and packaging. The SDC is easy to install and maintain and does not require compressed air for filter cleaning, which can result in operational savings. The modular design allows for easy adaptation to meet unique application requirements, including being equipped with rupture panels to help you achieve compliance with relevant NFPA regulations. United Air Specialists Inc., Cincinnati, OH 800-252-4647 www.uasinc.com

Portable Dust Collectors
The PCH Series of portable dust collection systems provides source-point collection of airborne contaminants and prevents contaminants from migrating throughout the facility to settle on equipment and fixtures, contaminate product, or present physical hazards to personnel. The PCH Series collection and filtration system is suitable for a wide range of particulate types, including: chemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing dusts and powders; buffing, polishing, and grinding dusts; weld smoke; fumes and odors; even oil mists. Collection efficiency is optimized, power consumption is reduced, and operator obstruction is minimized due to the PCH Series patented E-Z Arm high flow extractor. The E-Z Arm close-profile, external arm support eliminates the air flow resistance common with internally supported arms; enabling the PCH Series to produce higher air flow levels with lower power requirements than competitive units. Airflow Systems Inc., Dallas, TX 214-503-8008 www.airflowsystems.com

Pulse-Jet Bin Vent
This bin vent utilizes pulse-jet action to keep pneumatic systems running clean by filtering leftover product dust and debris from conveyed air as silos, bins, or hoppers are pneumatically filled with dry bulk materials. Its preset timers clean the filter media automatically with pulse-jet air flow, removing 99 percent of entrained particles and dropping retained material back into the process for maximum efficiency. They feature rugged welded housings, are compact in design and easy to install, and have no moving parts to wear out. Each unit is custom engineered for its application. Airlanco, Falls City, NE 800-500-9777 www.airlanco.com

Large-Capacity Dust Collectors
Ultra Industries model BW Series dust collectors are designed for top bag removal with a side-access door to the clean air plenum for convenient bag removal. Each unit is constructed from 12 Ga. steel and stiffened for 20 in. W.G. They are also available in a top-load design utilizing lift-off doors. Optional accessories include service platforms and access ladders. The dust collectors are designed for use with industry standard filter bags that come in a variety of fabrics that are specifically suited for the application and engineered for optimal performance and efficiencies of 99.9%. Pleated filters are available as an option and offer increased filter area for increased air flow and longer filter life. Ultra Industries Inc., Racine, WI 262-633-5070 www.ultradustcollectors.com

De-Dusting System
Pelletron has developed a new patent-pending DeDuster. De-dusting systems are used in the bulk handling industry for cleaning granular products. DeDuster systems reduce the scrap rate and increase profitability by removing unwanted contaminants prior to processing, extrusion, and packaging. Traditional DeDuster designs require the product inlet and outlet to be in a straight line. While this design remains effective, the constant need to respond to changing processing conditions led to the design of the OS DeDuster series, which offers an offset inlet and outlet connection, for installation in existing angled silo outlet pipes, without changing the pipe geometry. All other features of the company’s technology, such as the magnetic field and the Venturi zone, remain unchanged. Pelletron Corp., Lancaster, PA 717-293-4008 www.pelletroncorp.com

Dust Absorption System
When Powder Activated Carbon (PAC) is transported mechanically, dust is a major issue. The Sodimix is a PAC dust absorption system that eliminates any dust created by screw conveyors feeding into slurry tanks without the use of air filters. The Sodimix principle is to pre-mix the PAC into a wetting/agitation immersion pipe with a high-velocity shear mixer, while a water eductor creates negative pressure in the same outlet, vacuuming any suspended dust through a unique reverse air/water filter. During the automatic cleaning cycle, a three-way valve diverts the supply water through the air/filter to collect and rinse the PAC particles captured from the conveying process. This new system is completely dust free and can be easily mounted on existing dry to slurry processes. Typical applications include PAC, polymers, potassium permanganate, and clay. Sodimate Inc., Chicago, IL 773-665-8800 www.sodimate-inc.com