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Dual Timer Capacitance Probes

September 29, 2010
BinMasterThese dual timer capacitance probes feature a flexible time delay for covered and uncovered conditions. This feature allows the user to set a probe to react either immediately or with up to a 30-second delay when it detects a covered or uncovered state. For example, the capacitance probe can be set to send an immediate alert when it reaches a covered state, but can be set to alert with a 15-second delay when it detects an uncovered state. The dual timer capacitance probe is ideal for applications when it is essential for the probe to alert immediately to a covered state when used for high-level detection, as in situations when the probe is used to shut off a filling process. When the probe reaches an uncovered state, that same probe can be set to alert with a selectable one- to 30-second delay.
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