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Drying/Thermal Solids Processing

October 13, 2006

Desiccant Dryer

The SDAA desiccant dryer offers an easy-to-use off-the-shelf microprocessor controller that provides digital temperature control for temperatures up to 300°F. An available high-temperature control package, up to 400°F, is an optional feature. The SDAA Series features a dual bed, closed-process-loop design and an energy-efficient, high-pressure regenerative blower that provides full rated airflow to process at 15, 30 or 60 CFM. The cabinet style is designed for maximum safety, and the control system complies with NFPA79 and UL/CUL.
Sterling, New Berlin, WI 262-641-8610 www.sterlco.com

Conical Dryer Blender

The Conical Dryer Blender combines an unusual design with unique glass-lined steel or alloy construction into a unit that uses heat, vacuum and a gentle tumbling action to dry and blend even the strongest corrosives. The double inverted-cone vacuum dryer design ensures a thorough mix and a homogeneous product so that drying is both controlled and fast.
Pfaudler Inc., Rochester, NY 585-235-1000 www.pfaudler.com
Shaft Seals for Reduced Dryer Cycle Times
MECO custom-engineered shaft seals reduce vacuum dryer cycle times by up to 50 percent by effectively holding the vacuum. They are custom designed and manufactured for individual applications. In dryer applications, the company’s patented mechanical drive system is frequently used to accommodate the significant thermal shaft growth and pressure-vacuum cycles common in this equipment. MECO incorporates 6 mm or more of total runout/misalignment capacity into all of its seal designs. Seals will also accommodate significant radial shock loads.
Woodex Bearing Co. Inc., Georgetown, ME 800-526-8800 www.woodex-meco.com
Ploughshare Dryer
The Littleford Ploughshare Dryer is capable of drying most solid chemicals to less than 0.5 percent moisture. The atmospheric and vacuum drying processes are based on ploughshare mixing technology, a mechanically fluidized bed mix action. The atmospheric dryer can be used to dry shear-sensitive materials that are not temperature limited. When the application requires lower temperature processing and/or shorter cycle times, the vacuum dryer can be used. The mixing technology forces the product into a three-dimensional motion that individualizes each particle. In addition, high shear choppers are available for deagglomerating lumps to expose more surface area of the material.
Littleford Day Inc., Florence KY 800-365-8555 www.littleford.com

Indirect Dryers
TorusDisc indirect dryers provide control of product temperature and can be used for batch and continuous processing of solids, slurries, gels, filter cakes, powders, viscous materials and more. Applications include heating, drying, de-volatilizing, reacting and cooling. Residence times can range from minutes to several hours. The design features a high heat-transfer coefficient and a small footprint. Dryers are available in single- and dual-rotor designs. The rotors, discs and body jacket can be heated or cooled with steam or thermal fluids. Residence time is independent of rotor speed and can be adjusted by using an overflow weir. Optimal rotor speeds improve mixing and heat transfer.
Bepex International LLC, Minneapolis, MN 612-331-4370 www.bepex.com
Rotary Dryers
These rugged, heavy-duty Bartlett-Snow rotary dryers can be arranged for either parallel or counterflow operations and easily handle difficult materials such as alumina, coke, ferrites, and rare earths to zinc ore. They are available in versatile direct or indirect heat styles in sizes to meet most applications and requirements. Units are simple to erect, easy to operate and require minimal maintenance.
Alstom Power Inc., Warrenville, IL 877-661-5509 www.airpreheatercompany.com