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Deflection Monitor for Feeders and Conveyors

January 6, 2010
Eriez Deflection MonitorThe deflection monitor intelligently tracks the operation of vibratory feeders and conveyors to prevent any damage during operation. The unit can detect abnormal amounts of material on vibratory trays or when some feeder components are failing. It detects changes in tray deflection because material accumulation on the tray surface affects operation. As material accumulates on the tray surface, it adds weight to the tray, affecting performance and possibly damaging the feeder. The monitor alerts, warns, or shuts down the feeder so the tray can be cleaned to improve performance and reduce costly downtime. It uses a vibration transducer that is mounted on the tray and a comparator amplifier that monitors changes in the tray deflection. The vibration transducer sends a constant signal to the comparator amplifier. If an upset occurs and the tray becomes overloaded, the amplifier senses this and trips a relay to shut down the feeder.
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