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Conveyor Belt Trippers

February 24, 2012

These conveyor belt trippers are engineered for long life in a wide range of industrial and agricultural applications. Some products conveyed by these trippers include aggregates, fertilizers, grains, lime, sand, seeds, wood chips, and pellets. Many tripper designs are offered to meet specific customer needs, which range from low-profile cross belt trippers that operate on simple slider bed conveyors to rugged gravity trippers that operate on mine duty trough idler-type conveyors. The trippers include 1, 2, and 3-way gravity discharge, as well as slider and trough idler cross belt tripper designs powered by electric direct drives and cable winches. Due to a high number of requests, Chantland MHS revived an old technology in tripper design that utilizes mechanical drives powered by the main conveyor belt to move the tripper forward and backward along a rail track eliminating the need for electrical festoons running the length of the conveyor to provide power. Trippers are provided in mild and stainless steel construction with standard, abrasion-resistant, UHMW, urethane, and ceramic-lined discharge chutes, depending on the application.
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