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Collapsible 60-Gallon Drum

December 13, 2012
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This patent-pending, collapsible 60-gal plastic drum is recyclable and designed specifically for the food and powder handling markets. The new drum has a 40 x 24 x 20 in. footprint, and includes three main components: a base, sidewalls, and lid. All parts are designed with offset surfaces and interlocking flanges so that no cracks exist in the joints, minimizing the potential for contamination. The drum has two security tie holes per lid. The inside and outside surfaces of the sidewalls are smooth for ease of cleaning. The sidewalls are also hinged in the center for a one-way inward fold, allowing the drum to fold flat in seconds. Its rectangular design allows four assembled drums to interlock and cube a 48 x 40 in. pallet, stacking five pallet loads high in storage. The drums work with wood pallets or Buckhorn’s Universal Pallet. Because of its smaller footprint and greater capacity, the 60-gal drum offers 25% better cube utilization than standard 55-gal alternatives on the market.  
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