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Coarse/Fine Dosing Screws for Dextrose Bagging Line

March 18, 2010
Van Beek has engineered and produced two coarse/fine dosing screws for Behn + Bates of Münster in Germany, that can accurately fill bags with dextrose at high speed.

They can be used for fast coarse dosing both the large and small screw run. When approaching the required weight the large screw stops. The outlet valve is closed. The fine dosing screw then accurately fills the bag until the scales show that the bag has reached exactly the required weight. The fine dosing outlet valve is then also closed.

Being a manufacturer in the field of bag filling installations, in particular for the feed and food industry, Behn + Bates requires a high level of finish for the dosing screws. All moving parts in the fine dosing system coming into contact with the product, including welds in contact with the product, have an Ra value of < 0.8 µm.