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Celsimix for Fully Continuous Mixing and Heating of Brittle Candy

February 27, 2012

Brittle candy is a crunchy but brittle type of confectionery. In a fully continuous process the Celsimix boils the pre-heated glucose syrup to form caramel, adding almonds to this, and mixing it to form a homogenous mass. The Celsimix is heated using thermal oil to a temperature of 280º. The mixer is fitted with two screws and has a capacity of 400 kg/hr. To prevent the product sticking and to facilitate cleaning, everything that comes into contact with the product is polished to a high gloss. Both screws can also be removed completely for thorough cleaning. The Celsimix is suitable for a MAWP (Maximum Allowable Working Pressure) of 5 bar, and complies with the PED standard (Pressure Equipment Directive) and EN-13445 (European standard for unfired pressure vessels).
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