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Brookfield Releases 2011 Catalog

January 3, 2011
Brookfield Engineering Laboratories has announced the release of its new expanded 2011 full-color catalog. The catalog presents Brookfield’s complete line of viscometers/rheometers (laboratory and in-line), texture analyzers, and powder flow testers.

Each section in the catalog has a brief synopsis explaining the science behind viscosity measurement, texture analysis, and powder flow testing. “Why Choose Brookfield?” shows the advantages of Brookfield instruments in both QC and R&D. Typical applications are presented for various industrial markets. All Brookfield instruments are shown with their features, a list of what’s included with each instrument as well as available accessories.

Learn about free powder testing and follow a real-life powder test including: flow function, bulk density, wall friction, and internal friction.
For more information, visit www.brookfieldengineering.com or call 800-628-8139.