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Breezy Bagger

June 11, 2013
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WeighPack Systems Inc. introduces the Breezy Bagger, a compact machine designed and built with a tilting function that allows users to pack, wrap, and bag many types of products both vertically and horizontally. Designed specifically to package all types of shaped products into either a laminated or polyethylene material, this new bagger is easy to use, is flexible, and extremely versatile.

The Breezy Bagger offers many technological benefits. The unique pivoting function allows the machine to tilt from a horizontal position to almost vertical. The product being wrapped or bagged can be hand loaded or fed automatically with many types of ancillary machines and methods. The bag width and length are fully adjustable with no change parts and no forming shoulder and tube. The hand crank adjustment for pack width can adjust from 2 in. wide to almost 12 in. The bag length can vary from 2-36 in. long.

Another unique feature is the length sensing detection and operational logic. The Breezy includes three choices of logic including one that adjusts to the length of product each and every cycle. The Breezy will detect the length of product and make the bag according to the length of product. The benefit to the user is cost saving on materials on product that may vary in length as well as random filling of product through the machine. An operator can feed a product of 6 inches long for a few minutes, and then feed a product 12 in. long with absolutely no adjustment. The other sequences of operation allow to produce a fixed bag length either above or below the seal jaws. The Breezy Bagger includes many complete choices to best suit the product being wrapped or bagged. It can be used for many applications and industries. In the vertical position, the Breezy Bagger can bag an individual baked dinner roll to a full length baguette, a single stem rose to a bunch, bag a single bell pepper or three, or one celery stalk or two.

WeighPack Systems Inc., Las Vegas, NV 888-934-4472 www.weighpack.com

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