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April 4, 2007

Rotary Lobe Blowers and Blower Packages
Company offers a complete line of premium Omega rotary lobe blowers and blower packages from 3 to 300 hp and flows up to 5350 cfm. The packages include the latest models in the Omega Pak and Com-paK Plus integrated series. The optimized Omega two-lobe and tri-lobe blowers and packages can reduce maintenance, energy consumption, and noise levels. Package systems include standard features such as built-in silencers and inlet filters, premounted check and relief valves, TEFC motors, and autotensioning V-belt drives. Custom-designed systems are available.
Kaeser Compressors Inc., Fredericksburg, VA 800-777-7873 www.kaeser.com

Industrial Radial Tip Fans
Radial-tip belt-drive industrial fans provide customization, safe operation, and convenient access for service. Models with pedestal and/or unitary bases range from 1000 to 100,000 cfm. The fans are used for makeup air and general ventilation duty and serve as components in dust collection and cyclone receiver systems. Wheels are statically and dynamically balanced for smooth running. A V-belt drive allows for fine-tuning of the fan speed and airflow by changing pulleys and belts.
Airlanco, Falls City, NE 800-500-9777 www.airlanco.com
Blower Package
The PneuMax II is a preassembled integral packaged system for pneumatic conveying. Features include a powder-coated noise enclosure, quiet operation at 70–85 dBA (85 dBA maximum free field), automatic belt tensioning with a visual tension indicator, a small and compact footprint, an easy-open lid, and easy-open and removable front doors. The unit has easy-access doors. Routine maintenance is performed from the front, and lubrication access is gained at the front door. The package also has front-mounted gauges and a power ventilation system. It is available with a splash lube function at both ends of the blower. Optional equipment and controls are available.
Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems, Springfield, MO 800-825-6937 http://vacuum.tuthill.com
Blower Packages
These blower packages are custom-built to to meet elevation, temperature, noise reduction, and application requirements. They are available in 15- and 8-psig models. Intermediate-pressure (15 psig) blower packages are designed for semi-dense-phase vacuum loading and pressure conveying and for PD railcar and truck unloading. Low-pressure (8 psig) blowers and vacuum pumps are manufactured for dilute-phase conveying, silo and hopper aeration, and air-shoot conveying applications. Standard features of both packages include an inlet filter with a service indicator, premium inlet and exhaust silencers, a 10-ft hot blower hose, a safety pressure relief valve, and a heavy-duty outlet check valve. All models are mounted on rigid-channel iron frames and are available in standard belt-drive, jack-shaft-drive, or direct-drive configurations.
Cyclonaire Corp., York, NE 888-593-6241 www.cyclonaire.com
Positive-Displacement Blowers
Booth 2044 - HeliFlow positive-displacement blowers and vacuum pumps feature an innovative blower design and functionality with twisted trilobe rotors. The blowers are engineered for lower pulsations and lower noise. Precision machined alloy steel gears feature locking assembly for precise timing. A one-piece case provides structural integrity and heat dissipation while preventing distortion. Dual-splash lubrication provides longer life and reduced service intervals. Units are available with a 4-in. gear size and with 6- and 8-in. rotors.
Gardner Denver Compressor Div., Quincy, IL 217-231-5851 www.gardnerdenver.com
Preassembled Blower Package
Booth 1655 - EasyAir 8000 is a factory-engineered blower package that operates 8000 hours or more between scheduled maintenance. It is a compact, preassembled, skid-mounted blower unit with all piping, valves, and instrumentation in place. Produced for vacuum and pressure applications, the new package features a powder-coated noise enclosure for durability and quiet operation, plus easy access for service and maintenance. The package is available with a range of optional equipment and can be designed to meet exact customer requirements.
Dresser Roots, Houston, TX 877-363-7668 www.rootsblower.com