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Blowers & Fans Spotlight - April 09

March 30, 2009

Pressure and Vacuum Blowers
This company manufactures a variety of pressure and vacuum blower packages that are ideal for pneumatic conveying, aeration and wastewater treatment, landfill remediation, vacuum hold-down and positioning, combustion, or gas boosting. A new, 12-page brochure is available detailing the different packages.
Meyer, Wm. W. & Sons Inc., Libertyville, IL 800-963-4458 www.wmwmeyer.com

Blower Package
The IQ is a 7.5–50 hp, factory-direct blower package that offers intelligent design and quiet operation. Features include: standard intelligent digital monitoring with the AirSmart controller; sound levels as low as 60 dBa; and a removable discharge silencer that provides packageintegrity and end-user flexibility.
Gardner Denver Inc., Quincy, IL 217-222-5400 www.gardnerdenverproducts.com

Positive-Displacement Blowers
These positive-displacement blowers are offered in standard size pipe A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, and K. The precision-machined cast-iron housing, endplates, and impellers provide for a rugged component in any application. The blowers can be used in either a pressure or vacuum operation and are easily adaptable to most OEM applications.
Walinga USA Inc., Wayland, MI 800-466-1197 www.walinga.com

Rotary Positive-Displacement Blowers
Qx rotary positive-displacement blowers are quiet and energy-efficient. They provide high efficiency and high pressure with low noise, 18 psi or 17 in.Hg dry vacuum, flow to 3400 cfm, and have speeds to 4800 rpm. Features include: precision helical gears keyed to rotor shafts for quieter running; doublerow ball bearings for added durability; tri-lobe rotors; piston ring oil seals fitted on internal shafts and triple lip seal on the drive shaft; and oil lubrication on both ends with easy-to-see sight glasses.
Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems, Springfield, MO 800-825-6937 http://vacuum.tuthill.com

Pressure Blowers
These pressure blowers are used in a variety of process and environmental applications where low volumes and high pressures are required. They can be used for pneumatic conveying applications to carry grain and other dry bulk materials—including powder, plastic materials, wood waste, and paper trim—from a process to a collection point. This is useful in product transfer systems where additional cooling might be necessary. Accessories include silencers, inlet filters, and alloy construction.
The New York Blower Co., Willowbrook, IL 800-208-7918 www.nyb.com

Compact Blower Unit
This compact blower unit is available as a vacuum and pressure unit. The small footprint of the OAN CBU has performance that compares favorably with full-size units. Noise is comparable to large units, plus the unit allows for a small, space-saving sound enclosure. The unit comes with a full-year warranty.
O.A. Newton/TKC Technologies Bridgeville, DE, 302-337-3778 www.oanewton.com