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Bindicator Launches MP Series Radar Level Transmitter

February 19, 2014

Bindicator announces the launch of the MP Series radar level transmitter. The MP Series uses cutting-edge microwave, pulse radar technology to accurately measure the level of bulk solids in tanks or silos. With a sensing range of up to 230 ft, the MP Series is ideal for use in tall silos. Operating at 26GHz frequency with a narrow beam angle of approximately eight degrees, these level transmitters avoid disturbances such as cement dust, fly ash dust, and tank wall protrusions to provide accurate level measurements in these tough environments. The MP Series uses a non-contact, time-of-flight method to determine the level of bulk material in a vessel. The time it takes for an emitted microwave pulse to travel from the transmitter to the surface of the material being measured and back to the transmitter is monitored, calculated into distance, and then translated into a level measurement.
Bindicator, Spartanburg, SC 800-778-9242 www.bindicator.com

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