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Bin Activators & Dischargers

March 6, 2007

Bin Discharger
The Soliflo bin discharger with lifting cone valve technology relies on proven bin activator technology, but with several improvements. The cone valve lifts up from a seated position to allow product flow. In the closed position, the cone valve provides positive shutoff. Material flow can be controlled by adjusting how high the cone lifts or by pulsing the cone up and down. Standard sizes are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 ft. Flanges can be either round or square. Various components, such as rotary valves, screw feeders, screw conveyors, and flexible screws, can be supplied for the outlet to transport or accurately control the feed rate or batch. Units are also available with load cells and batch or continuous loss-in-weight controls.
Carolina Conveying Inc., Canton, NC 828-235-1005 www.carolinaconveying.com

Bin Unloader
The bin unloader is positioned at the discharge end of a storage tank, forming a transition from a round inlet flange to an agitated discharge at the base. This configuration ensures even flow of material from the tank. The unloader is designed to bolt onto a 3-ft-diam hopper flange and is equipped with an 18-in.-diam access door on its side, providing a clear opening to the interior. It is constructed of carbon steel, with an epoxy-coated interior and a prime painted exterior. Alternate construction materials are available on request.
Premier Pneumatics Inc., Salina, KS 785-826-9302 www.premierpneumatics.com

Vibrating Bin Discharger
As part of their continuing efforts to eliminate acid rain, coal-fired power plants treat their flue gases to remove SO2. In the process, dry limestone is crushed, slurried, and then injected into the exhaust gas stream. Redundant systems guarantee a source of crushed limestone from large silos by using 12-ft-diam Model 12GBD vibrating bin dischargers. Bridging and ratholing is eliminated. Air-operated knife gates shut off flow to downstream equipment when maintenance is required. A custom isolation ring assembly and rubber-bushed cast-iron arms, from which the bin discharger is safely suspended, are standard discharger features. Other features include flexible connectors with double stainless-steel clamps for dust control and a drive system that carries a 30-month warranty.
Carman Industries, 800-456-7560 Jeffersonville, IN www.carmanindustries.com
Controlled-Rate Discharger
The SolidsFlow Model 6000 controlled-rate discharger is used for discharging materials that have the tendency to compact, segregate, and bridge. The unit helps eliminate these problems by controlling material flow with a uniquely designed feed tray that accommodates the flow characteristics of the product being discharged. The tray works with the material’s natural angle of repose to prevent flow when the feed tray is turned off. There is no spillage or run-on. High-frequency horizontal motion applied to the feed tray produces a consistent uniform flow. Feed rates up to 1500 cu ft/hr are attainable.
Schenck AccuRate, Whitewater, WI 800-558-0184 www.accuratefeeders.com
Easy-Change Discharger
In a simple configuration, the Silo Tray Model ST304 can be mounted to a silo using sanitary quick-disconnect clamps. The Silo Tray Easy Change applies vibration across trays (enclosed in cylinders) to achieve a controlled discharge rate of dry ingredients. Tray cylinders are exchangeable, and an electromagnetic vibrator is adjustable to provide a discharge rate range of up to 100:1.
Brabender Technologie Inc., Mississauga, ON, Canada 888-284-4574 www.brabenderti.com
Bin Discharge System
The Airsweep bin discharge system is a pneumatic device that is designed to provide on-demand flow of even the toughest materials while eliminating bridging, ratholing, clogging, and material buildup. Each powerful pulse of a nozzle directs high-pressure, high-volume compressed air or gas between the material and the vessel wall, effectively lifting and sweeping the product off the walls and back into the flow stream. The patented nozzle design ensures an immediate reseal after each pulse to prevent nozzle clogging or material feedback and eliminate frequent maintenance. Operation is quiet and efficient, with the average system using less than 10 scfm of existing plant compressed air or inert gas. Airsweeps can be installed on virtually any vessel, hopper, silo, bin, tank, chute, or elbow—any place sticky, granular, or fine material tends to pack or experience flow problems.
Myrlen Inc., Ft. Meyers, FL 800-662-4762 www.airsweepsystems.com
Activator Feeder
The Un-Coaler provides vibratory bulk-material reclaim at rates up to 2000 tn/hr. The unit combines the flow control characteristics of a totally enclosed vibrating feeder with proven bin activation. Since the unit discharges material vertically to a conveyor below, loading is always centered and symmetrical. This feature helps eliminate the belt-tracking problems common to side feeding. The unit also helps eliminate bridging and other issues associated with other metering options.
General Kinematics Corp., Crystal Lake, IL 815-455-3222 www.generalkinematics.com
Bin Discharger
The Vibra-Jet bin discharger is an effective way to get dry bulk solids, such as very fine granular materials, to gravity feed more reliably from storage silos, bins, and hoppers. Irrespective of bulk density and shape, materials finer than 20 mesh (800 µm), which normally tend to pack, bridge, or hang up, can be made to flow freely and instantly on demand. A primary feature of the discharger is its patented aerators mounted in the cone section, which maximize performance and improve the mass-flow characteristics of the materials being handled. Utilizing standard plant compressed air, the bin aerators are pulsed in predetermined zones, enabling them to take advantage of the high kinetic energy generated and to minimize
energy requirements.
Dynamic Air Inc., St. Paul, MN 651-484-2900 www.dynamicair.com
Bin/Silo Aerators
Rectangular Air Pad, Evasser, and Flo-Pad aerator devices solve a variety of bin flow problems associated with difficult powders. The units have different shapes and pressure ratings and use different methods for diffusing the air. These products are alternatives to high-impact pneumatic or electric vibrators, which can be loud and cause damage to the bin and surrounding equipment. Typically utilized in applications in which pneumatic conveying is used to flow material into bins, entrained air in the material is evacuated when the powder material settles. Bin vibrators facilitate deaeration while creating packing-flow problems. Using aerators, the source of the problem (deaerated material) is addressed, and a gentle and cost-effective solution is ensured. In addition, many bin aerator configurations can be mounted from outside the bin, simplifying installation.
Monitor Technologies LLC, Elburn, IL 800-766-6486 www.monitortech.com
Bin Activators
Company has expanded its line of bin activators with units that feature a new vibrator assembly, sanitary design, and variable rates. Standard features of units that are 6 ft and smaller include an economical vibrator and simplified vibration adjustment. New sanitary features include an open design without cross members, which ensures complete and unhindered self-cleaning of material. In addition, a baffle arrangement enables rate adjustment without the need for a separate feeder. The company also offers an OEM line of bin dischargers that provides a simplified and more economical alternative to standard dished head bin activators for most bulk material applications.
Vibra Screw Inc., Totowa, NJ 973-256-7410 www.vibrascrew.com
Bin Unloader/Aerator
The dual-purpose Airauger safely and efficiently unloads and aerates stored commodities without requiring bin entry. A rugged steel housing ensures durability, while a vibration-proof fan wheel enhances performance. The system empties excess product left in large bins or other storage facilities without compromising safety or speed. Pitched flooring and air pressure safely and reliably unload product after gravity has done its share of the work. Because all mechanical equipment is installed outside of the bin, bin entry is completely eliminated, making it easier and safer to service the system. No worker is ever exposed to the deadly fumigants, toxic dust, or dangers associated with bin entry.
Airlanco, Falls City, NE 800-500-9777 www.airlanco.com