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BagBuster Compact Bag Breaker

March 26, 2013
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The BagBuster bag breaker is a compact system for manually opening bags in an efficient and clean manner. The system includes a self-contained exhauster, cartridge dust filter, and process hopper. A downdraft design is utilized to pull any dust-laden air generated during bag breaking away from the operator. The dust is then separated by the filter and dropped back into a process hopper, assuring all material is used. The system pays for itself by lowering production costs and improving product yield. The BagBuster can be combined with the Cruncher bag compactor to provide a simple and efficient method of reducing bulky, dusty, and discarded bags into a high-density bundle that can be easily handled and disposed of without the mess and dust normally associated with a manual bag breaking operation. The heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder on the Cruncher compactor is almost indestructible and uses a unique compressed air over oil combination, instead of costly pumps, making it simpler for explosion-proof applications.
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