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Automated Powder Batching System

June 24, 2008
This company offers a family of batching systems for the efficient management of dry bulk, powdered, flaked, and granular ingredients. The system has round USDA polyethylene dispensers with sides sloping to a shear wall drop. This feature prevents the bridging effect that is common in powder processing and that complicates material flow. The dispenser design offers integral, centralized dust collection that substantially reduces the generation of airborne dusts. The system incorporates super polypropylene sacks that hold up to 3000 lb of incoming raw material. These sacks minimize storage space and simplify dunnage and landfilling. Mounted to a patented frame, the sacks are forklifted to the dispenser, eliminating the injury risk and time constraints of manual handling. A rail-mounted scale cart, robotic device, or AGV moves between dispensers. Material is discharged into the cart through stainless-steel pneumatic slide gates according to the programmed recipe. Various vibratory devices can be used to ensure optimum flow rates. Load cells mounted on the vehicle are one of several ways the system guarantees high batch accuracy.
Ingredient Masters Inc., Cincinnati, OH 888-345-4729 www.ingredientmasters.com