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Automated Imaging Particle Analysis Instrumentation

April 5, 2012

The FlowCAM PV Series imaging particle analysis system features two new analyzers that are pre-configured to promote maximum speed, efficiency, accuracy, and repeatability in laboratories where analyses are repeatedly performed on the same products and/or on particles within the same size range. The easy-to-operate FlowCAM PV Series instrumentation enables virtually any laboratory technician to simply load the sample, press start, and walk away while the sample runs automatically and unattended. Setup is eliminated along with the potential for human error to affect data acquisition. Applying the company’s patented imaging technology, the new FlowCAM PV-5x and FlowCAM PV-10x Particle Vision series detect thousands of particles and microorganisms in a sample in less than a minute and take a hi-resolution, full color digital image of each one detected while measuring them based on the actual size and shape of the images and characterizing them with up to 32 different parameters - all in real-time. Fluid Imaging Technologies Inc., Yarmouth, ME 207-846-6100 www.fluidimaging.com

Fluid Imaging Technologies