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ARBOmeter Mass Flow Meter

November 8, 2012
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The ARBOmeter is a mass flow meter for particulates including pellet, flakes, chips, powder, seeds, and solid objects. The device can accurately measure the mass flow of solid material while being conveyed across a rigid surface. Using a laser vision system, the ARBOmeter scans the surface of the material as it is conveyed to collect real-time data on the cross section area and the material speed to calculate the volumetric flow rate. All the components are mounted in an IP65 enclosure. The ARBOmeter can be used in numerous applications. Its core function is to precisely measure volumetric or mass flow for monitoring of process performance and the optimization of downstream equipment, making it ideal for improving the performance of packaging machines, blenders, coater, mixers, extruders, and weighing equipment. Applications include snack foods, consumer products, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, building materials, and most continuous processes. Minimal maintenance and calibration is required. The stainless steel model is suitable for washing. Additionally, the ARBOmeter can be paired with any existing spraying or packaging systems that would benefit from a volumetric and/or mass flow measurement.
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