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AeroDry Conveyor Dryers

AeroDry conveyor dryers process a variety of agglomerated powder and pre-formed materials. Applications include drying, curing, heat setting, tempering, polymerization, solvent reduction, and other reactions. These thermal processes apply to products such as fine chemicals, minerals, food additives, catalyst, pigments, and petrochemicals. Heavy, industrial construction ensures trouble-free operation with abrasive materials and in harsh working environments. Uniformity in air and temperature distribution results in high-quality, evenly dried product, while protecting downstream processes. These conveyor dryers are available in modular or field-assembly configurations. The standard modular design reduces installation cost and start-up time. These units are fully assembled and tested at the factory prior to shipping. The field assembly option is ideal for job sites with limited access, where customers prefer to assemble the dryer completely on site. Worldwide support is available with parts, refurbishment and expansion services on all brands of conveyor dryers.
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