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Fully-Split, Air-Free Shaft Seal

March 9, 2017
MECO’s OFS Type-1 shaft seal
MECO’s OFS Type-1 shaft seal

MECO’s OFS Type-1 shaft seal is engineered for vacuum, low-pressure, and abrasive applications. The fully-split, air-free seal is custom-designed for existing process equipment or is tailored to OEM or end-users needs. The design tolerates both runout and thermal growth at moderate speeds. A Wide selection of materials is available, allowing for service in diverse processes.

The OFS Type-1 shaft seal is ideal for top-entry pan mixers, blenders, agitators, crystallizers, dryers, hoppers, and similar rotating equipment used in the petrochemical, plastics, metals, minerals, and other process industries. It is used with top-entering and horizontal shafts, and has been used with crystallizers operating at cryogenic temperatures, and in an environment with saturated steam under full vacuum and relatively hot conditions. The seal is often used both to keep process materials inside the vessel and also to keep atmospheric oxygen from entering the vessel.

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