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Dispersion for Laser Diffraction and Image Analysis in a Free Aerosol Jet

June 14, 2017
Dry Disperser RODOS/L & Laser Diffraction Sensor HELOS/BR
Dry Disperser RODOS/L & Laser Diffraction Sensor HELOS/BR

A reliable dispersion determines the significance of size analysis, especially for collectives of fine, dry, and cohesive particles. The dry dispersion principle with upstream dispersion unit and high-performance pressurized air injector ensures a reliable, product-adapted dispersion. Finest, agglomerated particle collectives, as well as metastable, coarse particles, are being fed to the sensor in an aerosol-free jet as single particles.

The Sympatec L-series consequently further develops the strengths of the proven RODOS dry dispersion system. The latest easy-to-handle and compact design is geared towards the requirements of both HELOS laser diffraction and QICPIC image analysis. By the use of micro-grain tungsten carbide the lifetime of the dispersion line component is further increased, which is useful when measuring strongly abrasive materials, such as cement or refractive powders.

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