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CrossMix High-Efficiency Fluidizing Mixer Introduced

April 25, 2017
The CrossMix high-efficiency fluidizing mixer
The CrossMix high-efficiency fluidizing mixer

The CrossMix is a high-efficiency fluidizing mixer capable of blending solids in as little as seven seconds. Compared to a typical 15-minute mix cycle for a ribbon blender, a much smaller CrossMix can be used in its place. The twin-paddle design gently lifts and fluidizes solids in a weightless zone where particles are separated, creating fee space, and can easily exchange their positions and therefore mix rapidly. The CrossMix is beneficial for mixing solids that require a high level of homogeneity and for friable materials such including tea, cereal, or trail mix. It is also ideal for liquid addition and coating of solids. Particles are separated in the weightless zone, exposing maximum surface area to allow liquid droplets to contact more particles quickly. This efficient application of liquid often reduces the amount of liquid needed and avoids unwanted agglomeration. The twin bomb-bay doors discharge solids quickly and avoid segregation.
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