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Clearing Blockages in Preheater Towers, Silos, Bins

August 31, 2015
The Pneumat Systems Cardox CO2 blaster
The Pneumat Systems Cardox CO2 blaster

The Pneumat Systems Cardox CO2 blaster produces a controlled release of liquid CO2 at up to 34,000 psi with the power to break concrete, coal, and other rock-hard materials, clearing blockages, plugs, and chokes in preheater towers, silos, kilns, and bins.

The system is simple and efficient, effectively eliminating misfires. Because Cardox does not present a fire hazard, the system is widely used in locations where dust, chemicals, or hazardous combustible materials are present.

During the process, high-pressure CO2 is instantly released through ports of the discharge head, creating a powerful force that dislodges tons of blockage in less than a second. Once fired, the Cardox tube is rebuilt with a new Cardox safety heater, shear disc, and sealing washer, and recharged with CO2 for another use. The rapid-fill pump and auto-fill head have changed how Cardox tubes are filled, making the process simple, fast, and convenient.  

Pneumat Systems Inc., Mankato, MN 800-458-9446 www.pneumat.com

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