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Bulk Material Simulation Access for ANSYS Engineers

April 18, 2017

EDEM, the market leader in Discrete Element Method (DEM) technology, announces the release of ‘EDEM for ANSYS’ – a simulation tool that enables engineers to add realistic bulk material loads as standard in ANSYS structural analysis without the need for DEM knowledge or expertise in bulk material simulation.

EDEM for ANSYS has been developed specifically for engineers who use ANSYS finite element analysis in the design of heavy equipment such as truck bodies, diggers, grab buckets, and excavators that are intended to handle bulk materials like coal, ores, rocks, and soils.

The new tool provides engineers with a detailed understanding of the impact materials have on their designs, leading to greater insight into equipment performance and enabling more design optimization improvements to be made. By using EDEM for ANSYS, engineers no longer have to rely on hand-calculation and assumptions to determine equipment loading and they are able to reduce the frequency and cost of expensive physical prototyping.

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EDEM for ANSYS is an easy to use tool fully streamlined and integrated to work within the ANSYS Workbench environment. It comprises a modern and intuitive interface launched directly from the Workbench environment where engineers can set-up and run their bulk material simulations. Users have access to a library of thousands of material models representing ores, soils, rocks, gravels, and much more. There they can select the best match for their application and get the right input for their simulation without the need for bulk material simulation experience or DEM knowledge.

In addition, the tool includes an EDEM analysis system for use in the ANSYS Workbench environment. From here, the forces acting on the equipment from the bulk material can be linked to other ANSYS analysis systems, such as static or transient structural, to be used as an input boundary condition for an FEA simulation.

“Our objective is to make bulk material simulation accessible to all engineers without the need to learn a new technology,” said Richard La Roche, CEO of EDEM. “We have worked closely with the ANSYS team and our customers to deliver a seamlessly integrated tool which enables engineers to get access to realistic material behaviors and loads as standard in their finite element analysis without the need to be DEM experts.”

“The EDEM for ANSYS release is another exciting milestone in the longstanding partnership between our two companies,” said Stig Panduro, director, Partner ECOSystems. “All business alliances should be measured on their ability to deliver customer value. By extending the functionality and usability of the ANSYS simulation platform, EDEM for ANSYS is a product of our joint commitment to delight customers.”

EDEM USA, Boston, MA 866-234-3336 www.edemsimulation.com

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